Coalition of Services of the Elderly, Inc.

Who we are: Our vision, mission, and goals

The world is ageing, and Philippines is not an exemption to this change.

We, at the Coalition of Services of the Elderly, Inc. (COSE), have been working with the older people for 27 years now, to address the key issues such as poverty and exclusion that confront their sector and to ensure that all generations of Filipinos will have more secured ageing.

Our Vision

We envision an equitable society for all ages where older persons live in dignity, remain healthy, self-reliant, secure and free to commit themselves to others and society.


Our Mission

To work with older persons, especially the poor and marginalized, in upholding their rights while respecting cultural diversity, nurturing their potentials, recognizing them as a significant sector and ensuring their participation in matters affecting their lives. 


Our Goals

  1. Development of strong older persons organizations (OPOs) that uphold their rights and addresses issues of poverty, exclusion and invisibility.
  2. Strengthen and build partnerships with various stakeholders at the local, national, regional and international levels to advance the well-being of older persons.
  3. Enhance COSE’s institutional capacity as a resource-based organization on ageing.


Our Core Values

  • Accountability
  • Commitment
  • Inclusiveness
  • Participatory
  • People-oriented


We also believe that the need to organize viable, self-sustaining communities of older people is both urgent and time bound.

The Coalition of Services of the Elderly, Inc. (COSE) is the organization in the Philippines (NGO) attempting to keep older people in the community, and contributing to the welfare of society.

Contact Us

1407 Quezon Avenue, Barangay West Triangle, Quezon City,
Metro Manila 1104, Philippines

Telephone No.: +63 02 374 6416
Tele-Fax No.: +63 02 709 6567


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